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Reduce purchasing costs and mitigate risks

Procurement Services

Working in close collaboration with our suppliers, we’re committed to securing sustainable, long-lasting infrastructure that breaks down social, economic and geographic barriers to make life’s critical resources accessible to everyone. In short, Black & Veatch’s global procurement practice goes well beyond price.

We start with safety, relationships and excellence in customer service. Along the way you’ll form partnerships with trusted advisors who share your goals, including those for environmental stewardship and diversity and inclusion.  

Black & Veatch is leading a highly trained workforce for the future, one that will transform procurement through digital technologies and analytics. Let’s work together to deliver the most cost certainty and least risk possible across the life cycle of infrastructure projects.

Supplier and Subcontractor Registration

iSupplier and iSupplier help  

Online Vendor Management System

Our procurement experts help reduce purchasing costs and mitigate risks through the following:

  • Proposal support
  • Global sourcing
  • Procurement management
  • Preparation of request for proposals (RFP) packages
  • Evaluation, recommendation and negotiation of final award of contracts
  • Expediting, contract administration, diversity management, logistics and materials management

In addition, our network of inspection professionals monitor and report on fabrication progress in accordance with contract requirements and established ITPs.


The goal of our logistics group is to support and ensure the successful transportation of goods to the jobsite. We combine professional knowledge of inventory management, purchasing, transportation and warehousing. Planning includes activities such as materials handling, route surveys, mode of transportation, heavy lift, packaging, documentation and import/export regulatory compliance.                  

Materials Management

The materials management group is responsible for all receiving activities, including the lay-down yard and warehouse activity on a project. Material management becomes involved early on in the project life cycle. During the proposal stage, a detailed plan is produced outlining key requirements for outdoor, indoor and climate-controlled spaces. During execution, focus is placed on ensuring proper documentation to plan for efficient delivery of goods to the jobsite. Once received, the goods are stored and/or released to construction.

Supplier Diversity

Black & Veatch is committed to finding diverse suppliers and business partners. Working with minority-, women- and veteran-owned organizations, as well as other underrepresented enterprises, improves economic development, environmental sustainability, public health and safety, and enhances community services.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We offer solutions that conserve resources through prudent practice, reuse and waste minimization, and we encourage project suppliers and subcontractors to adopt sustainable practices that support client needs. We work diligently to manage facilities and operations to safeguard the environment. We also actively promote health, safety and security in the workplace and continually evaluate sustainable practices adopted by our suppliers and subcontractors during the pre-qualification process, requiring them to complete and sign a Corporate Social Responsibility form prior to being approved for use.

Procurement Office Locations

  • Overland Park, Kansas; Cary, North Carolina; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Conyers, Georgia; Dublin, California; Lake Oswego, Oregon; Centennial, Colorado; Redhill, UK; Beijing, China; Pune, India; Bangkok, Thailand.

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