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Good Sustainability Decisions - Simplified.

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Economic and scalable new energy and mobility infrastructure

Sustainable technologies are disrupting industries and creating new markets. Work with us and we can simplify your journey to sustainable solutions.

electric vehicle fleet

The mandate for companies looking to electrify fleets: Start planning now

Electrification of fleets – everything from garbage trucks and school buses to, yes, parcel trucks and logistics interests – has become the next frontier in the electric vehicle (EV) space. 

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battery storage ROI

Utilities That Take This Approach to Battery Storage Will Maximize Future Market Share

Taking a leadership role in defining the requirements for battery energy storage is a strategic opportunity for utilities to maintain competitive advantages in changing marketplaces. Utilities might maximize their potential future market share with these four best practices.

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solar and wind power

Repowering the Power Industry

The sweeping survey that underpins Black & Veatch's 2019 Strategic Directions: Electric Report sharpens the focus on a power industry at a pivotal time of change punctuated by increasingly popular, clean renewable energy sources and a murky regulatory climate.

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sustainability data reports

Sustainability and Automation: Two Megatrends Reshaping the Commercial & Industrial Space

According to a Black & Veatch survey of  hundreds of professionals in the commercial and industrial sector, after a significant focus on investments in labor productivity, the forward-looking data reflects a projected shift in investments towards IT, data and communications infrastructure. 

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water meets new energy

Water Meets "New Energy": Surging Renewables Has Utilities Eyeing Alternative Power Sources

Water and energy systems long have been intrinsically intertwined, given electricity's entrenchment as one of a water or wastewater utility's biggest expenditures. But as water suppliers and wastewater service providers grapple with ways to reduce power costs, advance toward "green" energy and participate in the electric industry evolution, there's talk of "new energy."

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Video: Sustainability - Let's Make it Easier

"The power industry must rethink its business model and address the future today through a profound transformation, complete with interaction with C&I customers who demand that their voices be heard." 


Mario Azar

President, Black & Veatch Power

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